The first Multifeatured Ajax filter that Google loves. We made it specifically for Google to index the search results and increase your Google index. You get more pages in Google focused on "long tail" keywords. You get more visitors and a higher conversion rate. And it is so easy to use too.


Feature packed

This filter combines the best practices and features from all the top filters. You get it all.

Built for Google

This is the first filter to focus on the SEO long tail. That’s where the sales are.

Max speed

We build the filter to work at its maximum speed with cached queries and hashes.

Want to double your sales?

By focusing on the long tail keywords you can get more targeted traffic then from top keywords. Every SEO manger knows about long tail SEO — it’s the 70% of all the keywords that people actually search which are low cost and high probability of conversion. That’s right, long tail is both cheap and efficient.

Why the long tail?

You might have heard of the long tail in SEO. Some call it the Holy Grail of SEO. That’s because “long tail” terms comprise almost 70% of all search quarries. That is valuable targeted traffic that converts much better, in fact 2-3 times better.

Target the long tail with custom meta and page description

Ajax filter keeps track of all the filter queries. The most popular combinations are your first candidates for the “long tail” term. You then can edit the URL, title, H1, description and more to create a perfect page for google to index.

By using Ajax Filter you will increase your Google index, drive more visitors to your site and skyrocket your sales.

Get it all

Don't settle for half the features — go for them all. With Ajax Filter your won't need to choose which filter is right for you — there is only one filter you must have and its packed with all the great features you can think of.

  • Price
  • Attributes
  • Options
  • Filters
  • Categories
  • Manufacturers (brands)
  • Rating
  • Keywords
  • Tags
  • Stock status

Pick your layout and design

Select your style from our list of preset themes. It will look beautiful.

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal

Filter with style

You can pick a style from our presets or customize your own with out build-in theme editor options, so that the filter looks natural in any theme that you are using.

Customize your theme

You can also changed the colors of your theme to fit in nicely. This way you filter will look perfect without any coding needed.

Technologies used to create this module

We focus on writing clean and beautiful code, that is why we love SASS for styling, as well OOP in javascript. We always follow separation of concerns to bring you a robust solution that is easy to understand and customize.

Install with shopunity


Install, update and delete any extension with a click of a button and version control. Not ftp required.


All modules have a json-passport file, that keeps trek of all changes and important information, like version, changelog and dependencies.


Reuse tested code from other developers for rapid development. All extensions follow rules that will keep your opencart code clean.

Full Features and Requirements

  • Support responsive themes
  • Compatible with SEO URLs
  • AJAX requests (without reloading the page)
  • Config collapsed by default for all filters
  • Config sort order
  • Support OpenCart Filters
  • Ability to turn on/off any attributes
  • Support pages: Category, Special Offers, Search, Manufacturers, Homepage, Product Page, Information Page
  • Support milti store
  • Support milti language
  • Support milti layout select
  • If you choose category layout, you can select categories for which the module will be active
  • Set custom tabs name
  • You can customize filters separately for each category/layout
  • Vertical/Horizontal position
  • Ability to sort the attribute values
  • Possibility to set In Stock option default selected/Hide out of stock products
  • Possibility to set images for attributes
Feather 07/11/2017

Great extension, works like magic, easy to install and customize.
I am using it on Opencat
A+ Support!

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