Link Cart (Share Your Cart)

Take control of your marketing campaigns

Make smart social media decisions. Help customers spread the word. Do it with the beauty of a short link.



Absolute control

  • Create a short link
  • Know who created and when
  • Delete or add comments to the links to analyze them
  • Add custom styles

Increase sales

  • You can create any combination in your cart with products, coupons and vouches.
  • It works with all third-party modules like advance coupon etc.
  • Send it via Google Adwords, Social networks, Emails, and SMS
  • You will know exactly which link made the most sales

Full list of Features

  • Multi store
  • Compatible with all themes and modules
  • Works with or without .htaccess (SEO Urls)
  • Version check
  • Custom styling available
  • Set a specific Landing page option
  • Works with adwords, facebook, twitter, pintrest and others
  • Comments available for every link

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